“What we do today, right now will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows.”


– Alexandra Stoddard

Welcome to The Child & Family Therapy Center at Lowry

We are an independent private group practice comprised of psychotherapists specialized in treating children ages 3-18 both individually and within the context of their family. We also treat adults, parents, and couples without their children.

Our therapists have a range of expertise in treating family issues where symptoms may include depression, anxiety, lying, stealing, sensory issues, school difficulties, attention deficits, anger and aggression. Families experiencing divorce are another area of specialization. Read on to find out more about the therapists at the center and their areas of practice.

In the Media


Below is a link to a sampling of Dr. Ziegler’s FOX 31 news contributions, all pertaining to protecting and keeping kids safe.

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How to Tell Your Kids About Mass Shootings Without Scaring Them

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Denver Post Article – Teens and Pot Use: Parents Here’s What you Need to Talk About


What’s New for 2017

The next Start with the Talk series is planned for April 21 and 22 at Aspen Academy.

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