Kristen Mennona

About Me

Kristen Mennona is a licensed professional counselor, a board certified dance/movement therapist, a certified eating disorder specialist and holds a graduate certificate in Laban movement analysis.  She has practiced as a primary, family and creative arts therapist for 10+ years.  Kristen conducted her master’s thesis on anti-bullying strategies in schools and served part-time as an elementary school counselor.  Kristen is an active member of the American Dance Therapy Association and the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals.  Kristen has presented nationally on the topic of dance/movement therapy and body image acceptance.

Kristen's Approach

Kristen has a nurturing, playful and direct style of therapy.  She incorporates theories from dance/movement therapy, play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and family-based therapy into her work.  Kristen offers a unique approach to therapy as she is skilled at incorporating creative arts techniques into traditional therapy approaches.  She offers individuals and families the opportunity to look at behavioral patterns with a new perspective.  She actively engages clients in creating change through the use of a trusting therapeutic relationship and creative problem-solving methods.  As a dance/movement therapist and movement analyst, Kristen believes that the body “holds” the emotional tension a person is experiencing.  As such, Kristen can employ the use of non-verbal techniques to assist children and adults in exploring their “gut feelings.”  Exploring sensations and emotions can be particularly effective when a person is struggling with anxiety and self-acceptance, as these issues often have physical symptoms.  Kristen specializes in providing a space, where grounded problem-solving can begin.  She works to nurture the inherent strengths of the individual and family.  She aims to empower clients so they can implement efficient solutions to presenting issues.

Who I treat

Kristen specializes in the treatment of anxiety-based disorders in children and adolescents, parent coaching for behavioral issues, new-parent support and couples counseling. She enjoys helping children, parents and couples reconnect to each other.