Meaghan Burns Sablich, LCSW

About Me

Meaghan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Colorado State School Service Provider and clinical supervisor with 8 years experience in the field.  Meaghan received her Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Denver with a concentration in Families and Children.  Meaghan has worked in a variety of therapeutic settings including inpatient hospital, residential treatment center, day treatment center, schools, non-for profit organization and private practice. Meaghan has worked as primary therapist at an eating disorder treatment center for adults and adolescents, conducted anger management groups for court-mandated youth and their families, conducted multi-family expressive art and family sculpting groups and facilitated restorative justice circles in Denver Public Schools.  Currently, Meaghan works part time as a school social worker in a local middle school where she serves as a mental health provider for a center-based program in the school setting that services kids with Serious Emotional Disabilities under special education law, facilitates clinical supervision for social workers and interns, provides mental health minutes for students with IEP services, conducts special education social-emotional assessment and evaluation, creates mindfulness lessons for whole school use, facilitates suicide prevention and crisis intervention, develops functional behavior assessments and behavior plans and facilitates a female yoga empowerment group.   Areas of specialty include: anxiety, depression, ADHD/executive functioning, eating disorders, trauma, family therapy/parent coaching, safety issues and crisis management, self-esteem and identity, behavioral challenges, mood regulation and learning disabilities.  Meaghan offers family, individual and group therapy, school consultation and clinical supervision.

Meaghan's Approach

Meaghan utilizes a strengths-based approach to empower and support you and your family through developing an authentic therapeutic relationship that meets you where you are at.  Together, we will build a trusting relationship, increase awareness of your strengths and barriers and work to build more genuine connection and understanding within yourself and your family.  With increased awareness and clarity on what barriers stand in your or your loved one’s way, Meaghan devises a creative, differentiated and individualized treatment plan with you and your family to overcome these barriers.   Meaghan utilizes expressive art, play, mindfulness, yoga and movement, DBT, CBT, values work, nueroscience, biofeedback and experiential strategies to allow for you and your family to engage in the therapeutic process in a way that is most engaging and authentic to you.  Meaghan’s goal is to provide a safe, mindful and joyful space in which families, adolescents and children utilize their strengths to learn, grow and prosper in a meaningful and empowering way.